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The Three Metal Building Roof Types Explained

Regular, Boxed Eave, or Vertical?

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Metal Building Roof Types

The first choice to make when your metal carport, garage, RV cover, or barn is picking out the roof type. In addition to the look and aesthetics of the different styles, there are a few other considerations to make when choosing a roof type including:

  • What is the expected snow load or snow fall in your area annually?
  • Does your area regularly experience high winds and extremely harsh weather?
  • Will the building be located near trees where there is the potential for debris to drop on it?

All of MaxSteel’s buildings come Certified as part of the purchase price. This means, each building is built to withstand 90 to 130 mph winds and 20 to 30 PSF ground snow loads, but you may achieve additional benefits depending on the roof style you choose.

Regular Roof

Regular Roof Style

A Regular roof-style on your metal workshop can provide the protection you need for your equipment, materials, and projects at an affordable price and in a variety of sizes.

In this style, the ends of each truss are curved downward, which provides additional height to your steel building without the cost of purchasing taller posts. Because the metal panels run gable-to-gable on the regular roof style, they are curved around the frame at the corners, providing additional coverage from the weather.

Boxed Eave Roof

Boxed Eave Roof Style

The Boxed-eave (or “A-frame”) roof styles create a more traditional and attractive roofline for your metal workshop with only a modest price increase.

Like the Regular style, the metal panels run perpendicular to the roof slope, making it better for warmer and drier climates that don’t require maximum drainage due to harsh weather. Metal Buildings with a Boxed Eave roof also provide 4-6″ of overhang on the sides that are finished with boxed trim.

Vertical Roof

Vertical Roof Style

A Vertical roof-style offers the BEST long-term value and is ideal for protecting equipment and projects from weather elements. Along with having an attractive and traditional roofline with an eave, the metal panels and ribs run parallel to the slope, creating more efficient drainage and preventing snow load or debris build-up.

A steel hat channel is utilized under the metal panels and adds strength to the structure. Vertical style roofs have 4-6″ of overhang and are finished with boxed trim on all sides. The vertical Roof design is the best investment to extend the life of your metal workshop roof.

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