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MaxSteel Boxed Eave Metal Carport

MaxSteel metal carports are designed to protect cars, trucks, boats, small campers, and other equipment from weather conditions, but they can provide great solutions for a variety of needs. A boxed-eave roof style is our intermediate roof type and will do a great job of protecting vehicles and equipment from weather elements. This roof style works well but if you live in an area that experiences high snow loads, or the structure will endure heavy leaf loads, consider the vertical roof carport.

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Note: product availability varies by your region.

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Frameouts result in a finished opening suitable for leaving open or adding your own window or door at a later time.
The gable is the triangularly shaped metal sheet added to the roof to provide structural support. The extended gable extends an additional 3 ft down.
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A sales consultant will contact you after submitting your request for a quote to provide a FREE quote, payment options, and to complete the design of the building. A building drawing will be provided before finalizing the sale. All prices on our site are approximate and may differ from your official quote. All pricing is also pre-sales tax. The customer must also provide a lift to the MaxSteel install team at the time of installation.
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MaxSteel Boxed Eave Metal Carport

Product Description

The carport area can be sized to cover multiple vehicles, campers, trailers, and boats and the storage units offer customization and affordability to meet your individual needs. Your cars, boats, and other assets are sure to be well protected from weather conditions with these functional and attractive steel structures. Base metal carport prices are for frame and roof only (no side panels or other customizations) and include FREE delivery and installation on level land, concrete slab, asphalt, or wood. Labor charges may be added for non-level job sites and other issues. Note: The frame will be one foot shorter than the roof due to 6″ overhang on each gable end, so a dimension of 20’x26′ has a frame dimension of 20’x25′.

Where can I find Metal Carports Near Me?
MaxSteel metal carports are available in most of Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. We also service southern Indiana, northern Florida, and part of North Carolina and South Carolina. Please use the Zipcode checker on our products page and at the top of this page to verify service availability.

Additional Information


Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, Tennessee

Material Upgrade Options:

As your sales consultant about additional options including upgrading to 12-gauge steel framing, 26-gauge metal panels, additional premium colors, color-matching screws, J-Trim, and more.


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