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A commercial metal building is a significant investment. Before shopping, it is important to do your research, to help in making the best purchasing decision. Let’s cover the top things we advise all our customers to consider before purchasing their commercial steel building.

Step 1: Collect Measurements of Equipment to Be Stored in the Metal Building

Don’t forget to consider the size and dimensions of everything you plan to store in your commercial metal building to ensure that all openings and entryways are big enough.

If you are designing a building to serve as an airplane hangar, are the roll-up doors wide enough? If you need to store heavy machinery or agricultural equipment, are the entryways tall enough?

MaxSteel provides roll-up doors for Commercial Metal Buildings in the following sizes:

  • 6’w X 6’h roll up door
  • 8’w X 8’h roll up door
  • 9’w X 8’h roll up door
  • 10’w X 8’h roll up door
  • 10’w X 10’h roll up door
  • 10’w X 12’h roll up door
  • 12’w X 10’h roll up door
  • 12’w X 12’h roll up door
  • 12’w X 14’h roll up door

Please note when selecting a door, that the actual clearance is about 4” less than the door height. If you need a larger opening, your MaxSteel installer can also create a framed-out opening, ready for you to install your own door later or leave it as a permanent opening.

Step 2: Determine if You Have a Proper Installation Site for a Commercial Metal Building

For all steel commercial buildings, MaxSteel uses concrete anchors to ensure your metal building is properly stabilized. This requires all MaxSteel commercial buildings to be installed on a concrete slab or concrete footers.

Please note that a concrete slab is not required for smaller metal structures such as carports, garages, RV Covers, and smaller barns or workshops.

Things to Consider When Laying a Concrete Slab for a Metal Building Foundation:

When laying a concrete pad for your commercial metal building, we recommend the following:

  • Create a concrete slab one foot shorter than the roof length of the building to allow for flush contact between the metal building sides and concrete
  • Ensure the slope of the concrete is no more than 4 inches total slope from corner to corner
  • Ask one of our master builders for possible referrals for concrete vendors who our customers have had success working with in the past
  • Please refer to our FAQ page and our article on metal building site preparation for more information.

Step 3: Check Local Permitting and Zoning Requirements for Metal Buildings

Check with your local permitting office to understand any requirements before designing your commercial metal building. Some jurisdictions may require building certification, and assurance that the steel building can withstand certain roof loads and wind speeds.

Some states have local government directories you can use to help you find the permitting office contact information in your local jurisdiction:

What is a Building Certification?

A Building Certification is a formal attestation that each MaxSteel metal building is manufactured to withstand a certain level of snow and wind loads. The requirement of certification depends on your local laws and regulations. 

All MaxSteel buildings (including commercial metal buildings, metal barns, carports, workshops, and garages) come certified. Each metal building will be designed, anchored, and constructed to withstand up to 130 mph winds and 30 PSF ground snow loads. Certification comes at no extra charge.

Where can I find MaxSteel Commercial Metal Buildings Near Me?

MaxSteel is the top provider of high-quality commercial metal buildings in the South East. We offer service throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. We also service southern Indiana, Northern Florida, and parts of North and South Carolina along the Georgia and Tennessee state boundaries.

Please visit our individual state pages for a detailed listing of all counties and cities serviced in each state. You can also perform a quick Zip Code search below to determine availability in your area:

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